Installing letsencrypt on Debian 8

Posted on 13-12-2015 22:12

letsencrypt debian package recently hit testing. This is a how to install and configure it on a Debian 8 system.

First of all (in case you havent done so already), do something like this to make possible installing testing packages.
(make sure stable.pref has pin priority less than 990 so -t parameter will work below #). 

apt-get update
apt-get -t testing install letsencrypt


Then if you run apache:

apt-get -t testing install python-letsencrypt-apache


Finally run the letsencrypt wizard or read the docs!



letsencrypt is now available in backports which makes everything easier


AttributeError: 'EntryPoint' o
From: Randy Sage at: 07-05-2016 23:03


For others' reference, I encountered this error:
AttributeError: 'EntryPoint' object has no attribute 'resolve'

It seems according to that this is because I needed to also install setuptools, so I issued:
apt-get -y -t testing install python-setuptools

This fixed the issue for me.